Samsung wanted to develop a training experience for their 1,200 Field Service Managers (FSMs).  

We built an environment that allowed FSMs to experience as well as learn how to sell Samsung Services. It needed to be something that FSM’s could not only relate to but customers they sell to could relate to. So, we built an apartment and a convenience store in the middle of a ballroom in Las Vegas. FSM’s learned how to use a Samsung Pay by “paying” for their snacks inside the convenience store. We added extra elements that demonstrated features of the newly released S9 device - including live translation. FSM’s could then practice using the new device while learning about about Samsung Services. Inside the apartment they experienced the ease of connecting Samsung Smart Things to web compatible devices such as the Ring Doorbell or the FamilyHub™ smart refrigerator.

The client was incredibly pleased with not only the execution of the activation, but also the uptick in Samsung Services recommendation rates in-store.



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