Developed in lieu of a more traditional business development marketing tool, I wanted something fun, that was stylish and modern. The result, this lovely little self-mailing box, which went out to prospective clients. As a woman-owned, women-led business, I wanted it to reflect the agency brand and voice, stand out in the mail, and contain something that the recipient would want to keep. 

On the outside, simply the agency logo and the words “You got this.” A bit of a play on words, part “go girl!” sentiment and the other part quite literally you got this box. Which begs the question.. What is this? Which is what the front of the brochure inside asks, and then proceeds to answer.

The box also contains a set of six ultra-thick letterpress cards with “mantras” on them, and a custom made walnut wood holder to display the cards. The modern holder with a small footprint and nice design lends itself to being kept on a desk and the with the addition of new cards it will naturally create more client touch-points in the future. 

Tara Wilson Agency